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entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers.


Our work helps universities, startups, spin-outs, fast-growing SMEs, professional services firms and blue chip companies create new products, services and enterprises that have global impact.


We can deliver workshops and learning programmes, or join your team and work alongside you to achieve your objectives.


Examples of our work


* How to get your business started, from market research to prototype development and testing

* How to profile customers and map their buying journey to design better products

* How to use emotive storytelling in investment pitches and sales presentations

* How to build trust with clients and employees


* Creating, evaluating and testing new ideas across all sectors for B2C, B2B and B2G startups

* Designing business and operating models for revolutionary deep tech ventures

* Working with business founders and lawyers to write intellectual property ownership agreements

* Brand strategy, investment materials design and communications coaching for academics preparing for MedTech clinical trials


* Coaching business founders and emerging leaders to build confidence and network better

* Crowdsourcing client insights using provocative video storytelling

* Scripting and directing videos to help win business and build client engagement

* Cultivating creativity in marketing teams working in process-focused organisations


Power | Influence | Change

A face-to-face strategy game that helps postgraduate students and early career researchers develop the most essential professional skills:


       *   Strategic and creative thinking

       *   Leadership and teamwork

       *   Communications and influencing


Participants negotiate with each other, build and break relationships, and recruit new team members – all with a view to helping their organisation win the battle of ideas being played out in the public domain.


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Idea to Entrepreneur

A programme that teaches university students and early career researchers the essentials of entrepreneurship.


“This is the best doctoral school course I have been to during the past 2 years.”


“Really inspiring and thought provoking. A highly recommended course to anyone who needs clarity on starting a new business.”


Proudly working with UCL, Santander Universities, Aston University, the University of Southampton and many others.


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Red, White and Radical: What Organisations can Learn about Change from the Rise of American Conservatism

“Red, White and Radical is already one of the best management books of the decade.”   Marcos Gorgojo, Headspring Executive Development


“Utterly engrossing and required reading for business academics and executives alike.”   David Molian, Cranfield School of Management


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Demosity uses the power of provocative video storytelling to build engagement and foster innovation.


We’ve worked with Mercer and Bird & Bird, amongst others, to create emotionally-persuasive videos that win new business and build client engagement.


This video is a case study example of a challenge to employees of a large record label to think and behave more innovatively.


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