Demosity uses the power of provocative video storytelling to build engagement and foster innovation.


Too often, employee engagement programmes and thought leadership campaigns don’t inspire the imagination, encourage debate, or motivate people to creatively take action.


Demosity can change that, by facilitating massive online conversations on your enterprise social network, intranet or social media pages.


We challenge people to innovate with provocative video stories about the future of your organisation and industry.


Emotive stories incentivise people to go beyond brainstorming ideas, giving them the tools to form ‘pop up’ teams to research, experiment and explore innovation initiatives.


Smart solutions to the most pressing problems start with stories, conversation and experimentation.

Case study

A large record label wanted their employees to address the question ‘how can we drive innovation in our industry, rather than just be at the mercy of it?’


We created a story called ‘Sim CAM Alley: the digital future of music?’


Watch the video and flick through the slideshows for an example of how Demosity works.

1. Create provocative video story

‘Sim CAM Alley: the digital future of music’ posits a ten-year scenario where smart Artificial Intelligence pop stars rule. They make money for their owners, but do not expected to be remunerated in return. As such, human artists live an increasingly hand-to-mouth existence.


It’s deliberately provocative, designed to elicit a strong emotional response from viewers.

2. Create support materials

The video story references a variety of innovations, trends and historical events. To help people understand the plausibility of this scenario we created a booklet that elaborates on these innovations and trends.


Readers click on the ‘learn more’ links on each page to access online sources that explain the topic in greater depth.

3. Incentivise people to engage

The campaign is sponsored by the organisation’s executive team, and framed in the context of a wider strategic narrative. A budget is created to fund ideas and experiments that generate the most buzz amongst employees.


The video story is only available for a short period of time (typically 48-72 hours) via the organisation’s enterprise social network or intranet. Campaign ambassadors encourage participation with blog posts that summarise the most exciting conversations.


Employees who contribute the most win awards in recognition of their efforts.