Scandinavia Stories teach students and professionals how to creatively address and overcome business growth challenges.


High quality teaching and facilitation make learning a revolutionary experience. We pride ourselves on creating practical and engaging programmes that are highly tailored to the learning goals of participants. We are not academics; we are not trainers. We are creative and passionate teachers.


We have created leadership programmes with the following objectives:


* Building trust with customers and employees
* Managing uncertainty in difficult markets
* Understanding emerging technologies
* The psychology of informed decision-making
* Effective storytelling in pitches, presentations and opinion pieces


We have created entrepreneurship programmes with the following objectives:


* Creating, evaluating and testing new ideas
* Understanding and learning from customers
* Improving sales conversion rate
* Designing business and operating models
* Building confidence and developing relationships

Programme examples

Masters of the Exponential Age

Masters of the Exponential Age blends expert seminars and immersive group activities to feed the imagination and broaden strategic horizons.


Participants explore cutting edge thinking in organisational strategy, behavioural economics and forecasting, and grapple with the opportunities and threats created by gamechanging technologies.


To date, we have partnered with Cass Business School, Henley Business School, the University of Southampton and the London Futurists to bring Masters of the Exponential Age to a variety of audiences. Learn more

Punk Entrepreneurship

Punk Entrepreneurship is an enterprise creation for early-stage entrepreneurs. It is built upon the proven tenets of Do-It-Yourself culture.


Participants learn the essentials of lean business planning and experimentation to cultivate customers and start generating revenue.


We have partnered with the University of Liverpool, University of Greenwich, University of Surrey and Aston University, amongst others, to help undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers develop the confidence and knowledge needed to set-up their own businesses.